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Winery Promotions & Wedding Celebrations

Contact Laser Art for a variety of services to advertise your winery. Our laser-engraved wine bottles are artistic and sure to attract attention, and we also enhance wedding events with personalized souvenir wine glasses.
We Serve:
  • Wineries
  • Event Planners
  • Wedding Planners
  • Corporations

Engraved Sand-Carved Wine Bottles

Engraved bottles are a signature winery feature, and they make great corporate gifts. Place your logo on each bottle to market your wines in a very artistic way, or you can sale your wine and give a bottle to everyone in the room. Orders for engraved wine bottles can be supplied within seven business days, and we require a minimum order of two cases. For an elegant touch, ask us about gold hand painting.

Original Inventor of the Blackened Bottle

Advertise your wine in restaurants and bars. Laser Art is the inventor of the blackened bottle, which is an empty bottle that is blackened inside to make it appear full. When wine sits on display, the contents can go bad. However, an engraved empty bottle lets you market your image without spoiling good wine by sitting it on a hot bar. It's also safer if customers do not consume display wines. We have a minimum charge of $2 per bottle.

Blackened Wine Bottles

Engraved Wine Glass

Laser-Engraved Wine Barrels

Enjoy having your letterhead engraved on your winery's barrels. It's an affordable way to advertise, and many wineries also offer their barrels for resale by using a quarter of the barrel with two hoops. Let your customers purchase your barrels as souvenirs.

Laser-Etched Wedding Glasses

Laser Art offers solid laser etching with no gray-scale images. We can achieve remarkable detail, as our laser goes up to 1200 DPI. If you place an order today, your glasses can be ready within seven days of artwork approval. Please note that we have a minimum order of $300.