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Promote your winery with engraved bottles from Laser Art. We can engrave your entire stock of bottles with your logo, or we can engrave single bottles for display in restaurants and bars. Every patron served will see your company's image and remember your wine. You can also have your wine barrels engraved with artistic designs, and our services include etching wine glasses for wedding celebrations. For more information about how we can create quality laser art for you, contact us today.

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About Us

Laser Art is an engraving company based in Napa, California. We offer engraved sand-carved wine bottles, and we are the original inventor of the blackened bottle. Our engraving services can also be used to personalize wine barrels and wooden objects. And, you can even add hand painting to your engraved barrel.

Owner David Lincoln has over 30 years of engraving experience and started Laser Art in 1987. Our laser engraving services utilize the latest technology and are far superior to stencil etching or silk screening. The detail we can apply is incredible—you can have an image engraved on wedding glasses, and you can also have laser-engraved wood. Additionally, we have a very quick turnaround time because all our services are provided in-house.

(707) 312-8197

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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